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Hand Painted Kitchens –
What we offer and some visual impressions

kitchen Painting Refurbishment from Valerie Wray Interiors will Transform your home!

Don’t Replace, Refresh, Rejuvenate

Hand Painted Kitchens

Having an existing kitchen painted has two extremely beneficial aspects. Not only does it create the impression of a brand new kitchen but it also saves the disruption caused by removing your old kitchen and fitting a new one. Kitchen painting stunningly transforms your space, whether it’s veneered, varnished, waxed, lacquered or laminated.


My kitchen painting process starts by removing the cupboard doors and drawer fronts. After this I prepare and prime the doors and fronts so that I may then apply a flawless hand painted finish in any colour of your choosing. All the fitted fixtures are primed and painted in situ.

I do however paint the inside of glazed cupboards.

The cupboard interiors are not painted as standard; the interiors of the majority of kitchens are veneered, laminate or oiled in the factory. It can be very labour intensive to paint or oil insides of cupboards and would incur an additional cost.

* This includes painting the inside of a glazed door.

Colours And Paints

I use Tikkurila paint in my kitchen painting process. Tikkurila is the forerunner in kitchen paints and is used by all the large kitchen manufacturers. The paint is extremely durable and gives a flawless finish.

If you have a particular colour in mind I can colour match the paint to your requirement. This includes includes traditional colours from Farrow and Ball and the Little Green Company.

I pride myself on my attention to detail, all of the kitchens I work on are carefully hand painted and finished to perfection.

If you would like to extend your kitchen refurbishment plan to include new worktops or tiles I can arrange skilled craftspeople to advise you on the best options available.

All of the trades/craft people I work with are trustworthy and reliable and with exceptional attention to detail.

Laminate Kitchens

Any laminate or gloss finished kitchens can be transformed with a hand painted finish. The super primer that I use has an excellent adhesion factor that can be applied to any kitchen surface. When the top coat is applied, the finish is smooth, durable and extremely hard wearing.

If your laminate is chipping, flaking or coming away from the board underneath, there is no need to worry as you can still resurrect your kitchen. Take a look at my blog page and you will see a kitchen where the laminate was literally falling off the doors. The client thought the kitchen was unsalvageable, the blog will show how the kitchen was transformed with a stunning hand painted finish.

Bespoke Wooden Kitchens

Well made bespoke wooden kitchens are very often left unmaintained. People tend to leave them as they are because they are so well crafted and designed specifically for the space in which they sit – replacing it with an inferior modern kitchen would be a travesty. The easy solution is to have the kitchen re-painted. I have the products and the experience to repaint the most beautiful bespoke painted kitchens, extending its life without compromising the integrity of the craftsmanship.

With older or bespoke kitchens I check all doors and drawers to make sure they hang and open correctly. I make any adjustments needed to the hinges and install new handles if necessary.

I understand that it is a major decision to hand over your kitchen for an upgrade. However, rest assured that I am very passionate about what I do. I have painted kitchens and furniture of every kind from modern to vintage for many years. I pay close attention to detail and work closely with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure that all your needs are met. I only use the best quality products that I am confident will achieve the look and durability needed for a high traffic area such as your kitchen.

Cost Effective

If you are weighing up the cost of a new kitchen, think seriously about the cost of a hand-painted refurbishment. For example, an average lacquered oak or pine kitchen costs in the region of £1400 to £2100 painted to look like new, a large old wooden kitchen could cost around £3500, cleaned, sanded, primed and stunningly finished. The savings are enormous!